Products and Pipeline

Our core products

We are currently developing our two foundational products which will allow us to collect insightful data in both controlled and real-world environments while protecting individuals’ medical records and other personal health information.

  • Meet TrialStack

    A free platform designed for medical researchers, CROs, pharma and biotech companies to support clinical research studies and larger trials conducted through smartphones and other connected devices.

    TrialStack provides registration and consent, design and scheduling of surveys, mobile sensor data (motion, location, weight, temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, images, sound, etc.) as well as enhanced environment information.

  • TrialStack
  • Symptm
  • Meet Luuna

    A sensor that passively monitors your health.

    Luuna is a dedicated health companion that seamlessly captures physiological, behavioral, medical, social and environmental data to provide users with actionable health insights.

Our Digital Biomarker pipeline

We are currently developing the following Digital Biomarkers who will be at the core of our impactful products.